Posted by: madhyama | March 4, 2010

The Intimacy of the Present Moment

We talk about meditation in many ways.  Often the presence of a beginner will produce a new way to introduce the practice of meditation.  These two audio files are from the pre-meditation talk given on January 31, 2010 at Queenswood.  The first one is yet another zazen instruction.  I have given many hundreds of versions of basic instruction, yet I am always surprised by how each audience pulls forth a different wrinkle or stimulates another viewpoint through which to establish some initial conditions.    The first podcast is the instruction for seated meditation.  There is also a fruitful discussion around the effects and effectiveness of meditation.  Here it is: 

The second file comprises the remainder of the talk.  It begins with the instructions for the walking meditation (kinhin) and there ensues an interesting conversation around a question about karma, which I had mentioned briefly much earlier in the talk.  There were several follow up questions, some of which are difficult to hear, but hopefully the response will make clear the nature of the question.  This podcast is briefer than the first one and somewhat more colloquial since there is more input from the audience.  I think the expansion of the idea of karma is useful and interesting.  Here it is: 


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