Posted by: madhyama | March 5, 2010

The Precepts of the Stream Enterer

The group that attended our regular Sunday morning session at Queenswood on December 27, 2009 was smaller than usual, comprised of the most devoted members of our meditation sangha.  None of the participants were there for their first time, and this encouraged a talk with somewhat less emphasis on very basic topics and offered the opportunity to delve a little more deeply into the kind of spiritual terrain that  presents itself to experienced meditators.  The pre-meditation talk on this day was something of an exegetical narrative on the 5 prohibitory  precepts of the lay adherent to the Zen religion.  Naturally my effort was to adapt these lay precepts to a non-religious context.

This podcast is quite long, but it does not wander too much and also includes a dialogue with several of the audience.  It presents a fairly good example, warts and all, of how our spontaneous meditation sessions unfold.  I hope there is value in it for listeners.


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