Posted by: madhyama | March 6, 2010

The Way to forget the Self is to study the Self

The weekend before Christmas we held a weekend meditation retreat at Queenswood.  Most of the world was preoccupied with the impending holiday, Queenswood was officially closed and there was a sense of being outside the bubble of the usual  concerns.  It was very quiet and peaceful, considering that we were meditating in an urban environment.

I will put up here the talk that was part of the weekend retreat.   Since all of the participants were experienced meditators, I kind of dived into the deeper waters of meditation practice.  This first segment is about 7 minutes long    It sets the stage for the  shift of awareness which is characteristic of meditation practice.

The second segment is about 8 min 41 seconds long.  This part is somewhat more Buddhistic in it’s narrative.  This is because it is the Buddhists who have best articulated tenets such as impermanence and change, which are treated as ontological axioms and thus are useful even outside the horizon of religious Buddhism.  Most of the participants were quite comfortable with Buddhism anyway, so it makes for a good way to encourage a non-habitual element of awareness.  Here’s the second segment, “Buddha is not Messiah”   

Although our retreats are silent, during the lecture period it is encouraged to ask questions or make comments.  This final recorded segment from the December 19/09 retreat is the questions raised by participants.  It is the longest segment at 16 minutes and contains some good inquiries from these experienced meditators.


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