Posted by: madhyama | March 10, 2010

A Sensitivity to Initial Conditions

Even though the teaching of Buddhism is not the primary effort of Middle Way Solutions, there are aspects of meditation practice that have been well known and articulated within the Buddhist tradition and are thus helpful introductions.  One such aspect is the idea of ‘refuge’.  Refuge is the feeling of a relationship with zero or very few conditions, zero or very few options and zero or very little jeopardy.  Classically the refuges are the counterpoint to the three elements of Karma, body speech and mind.  The traditional three refuges are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Meditation is a low-impact karmic formation of the body and of speech.  Meditation with others helps with this life long encounter with the karmic consequences of our actions, ie. what our body does.   In a lay orientation the narrative around karma can be replaced with a narrative around habitual patterns of thought and deed which pervade and sometimes mess up our relationships with other people and the material world also.   Meditation disrupts these habitual patterns and a community of meditators adds some gumption and some potency to this investigation.  Here’s a little blurb from May 2009 which touches on this: 

Sometimes habitual patterns of mind and body are conditioned by some harm done to us.  In addition to helping us untangle the complex interactions of our habits, meditation also marshals a certain healing energy or power which goes to work healing the harm itself.  This healing power is affected by the positioning of our hands, called in sanskrit the mudra.  In the following segment I am part way through another meditation instruction and have come to the part about how to hold your hands.  After emphasizing the minutiae of the mudra, the instruction moves on to the sensory array.  This segment is 13 min. and 8 seconds in length. 


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