Posted by: madhyama | March 19, 2010

When is meditation not a good idea?

Old friend David Chadwick used to say about  Zen, ” The religion that promises you nothing; and delivers.”  Now it might seem that delivering nothing would be quite easy but it turns out that our mind is always doing something.  Mostly it is producing thoughts; well, at least the brain is.  But however one imagines this, there are internal events or an internal narrative that ceases only under special circumstances, such as deep sleep or as a result of bringing cessation to supporting habit patterns.    How to use meditation to bring cessation is a key question in practice.  Basically we want to bring cessation to those habit patterns of mind and body which begin from some antipathy or  some fear or avarice.  To help us do this meditation seeks a form which can contain toxic mental formations without being corroded or altered by them.

This is the talk from July 5, 2009.  It is about 17 minutes 28 seconds long. 

On the general theme of talking about meditation, let me include a brief recording pertinent to this topic.


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