Posted by: madhyama | March 20, 2010

Meditation as the Field of Intention

In the Soto Zen tradition there is a ceremony called  ‘Ryaku Fusatsu’, or Full Moon Ceremony.  Part of this ceremony includes chanting a verse which goes, “All my ancient, twisted karma;  from beginningless greed, hate and delusion;  born through body, speech and mind;  I now fully avow.”  This encapsulates very neatly a series of fundamental insights about Self and how the doctrine of karma pertains.  Karma refers to our actions, our behaviours which arise consequent upon habits of mind.   These habits of mind set in motion certain patterns of speech and body, which patterns we can recognize.  Only zazen is intimate enough that we can fully accept how certain patterns are essential parts of our selves and yet is able to initiate newer, more scrupulous patterns, through marshalling intention.

Here’s a portion of the Sunday talk from September 6, 2009.  It follows directly a weekend meditation retreat in which many of us who were at Queenswood that day, participated. 


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