Posted by: madhyama | April 14, 2010

Hey, my Dogma is chasing my Karma.

OK, so it’s an old and lame joke; but it is still useful for all that.   Dogma has the odour of unexamined habit (although it simply refers to points of religious doctrine), while karma has become one of the most controversial points of Buddhist dogma because it is so often confused with Destiny or Fate.  But the vocabulary around Karma is important and useful because it analyzes our experience of life as an interaction of mental activity, communication and behaviour all subject to the vagaries of cause and effect.  Karma theory leaves it within our power to change how the habits of our mind, speech and body unfold in relation to one another.  Meditation is the primary means through which this personal responsibility can be exercised.

Here’s a couple of longish talks from the QW meditation sessions.  The first one is just shy of 26 minutes long; it is yet another zazen instruction but begins with a discussion of Karma.

This talk, from June 14, 2010, attempts to expand on the meaning of the initial stage of Buddhist practice, called ‘leaving home’.  It is 32 minutes and 16 seconds in length. 


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