Posted by: madhyama | January 4, 2011

Queenswood’s final event

For almost 8 years the local facility known as Queenswood Centre has been the home base for our meditation group.  This facility, created by the Sisters of St. Ann, has allowed our group to grow slowly and to establish ourselves in our community (Victoria, BC).  Queenswood has now been sold off, but the final big event that was held here was a weekend retreat by our group.  This entry will consist of the final meditation talk which I gave at this retreat plus some photos that form part of the record of this final event.

The talk is almost 55 minutes long; it’s not one of my better ones, but there are some good questions and our sense of something valuable coming to an end might be perceivable.  As usual the sound is not great but I hope passable.

The first photo is our general set up in the chapel at Queenswood.  The next one over is what I call the skandha-labra, an iron-wire sculpture with 5 candles which symbolizes the 5 skandhas of the Self.   Next over shows the kinhin (walking meditation) line as it leaves the chapel.  Traditionally we do our walking meditation outside.

This photo is me, sitting on the platform made by one of the regular meditators.

The last photo is our doan hitting the han (also crafted by the same person who created the platform), a call to come to meditation.


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