Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching refers to crafting an application of the ‘middle way’ to fit a particular circumstance.  Anything from a wish to introduce meditation into the workplace to seeking better responses to the stresses in a marriage can be likely respondents in this deeper, more personal relationship.

If an executive, for example, sees benefits in meditation and thinks it would help the bottom line to make the skills of composure part of the professional culture, the first step would be to find someone who can create the necessary support structures, both physical and spiritual.   This situation would benefit from a sustained contemplation of the notion of ‘right livelihood’; meditation playing a large role in keeping corporate cultures from being degraded by the three poisons.  For it to work properly much more than a nice room is necessary.

If there is unease within a relationship, establishing a confidential relationship within a meditation context can be a help.  Not just in the expected release of a confessional or a ‘big pasture’ sense, but also in the clarity that ensues when skillfully instructed on how to recognize and bring cessation to habits which make things worse.  Generally speaking, meditation works best as a sustaining influence within relationship.   It tends to keep perceived asymmetries within the relationship from sending things too far out of balance.   Here, experienced counsel is quite important in order to counter any divisive and comparative tendencies.

There are a multitude of potential situations in which meditation would be an asset.  With more than 30 years of experience with Zen meditation I can often help.  It’s a very cost effective source of expertise since remuneration is based on the ‘generosity’ model Buddhists call dana. This means that the value of the personal coaching sessions is established primarily by the consumer rather than the vendor.

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