My real homeThis is the site of  Middle Way Solutions called Soto Zen Victoria.   It is maintained, in a sporadic fashion, by me, Wayne Codling.  I am a zennist, a lineage holder in the school of Soto Zen established by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi.  Middle Way Solutions is a non-religious application of Zen meditation skills to everyday life and the issues of livelihood and relationship.

Soto Zen Victoria, this blog, is a work in progress.   At present its main function is to serve as something of an archive of the Middle Way Solutions meditation group’s activities.  The button labeled ‘blog’, above, links to a page of podcasts which are the record of the pre-meditation talks delivered each Saturday morning and Wednesday evening in Victoria, British Columbia.    MWS emphasizes,  in these meditation sessions, their application in everyday life without, actually,  much reference to Zen as a religious practice.  Middle Way Solutions approaches meditation practice as a venue for avoiding and ameliorating harmful habits of mind and body regardless of what religious tradition is involved.

Our meditation group meets on Saturday mornings from 9-11 and Wednesday evenings, 8-9:30 pm.  On Saturday mornings our host is the Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre at 2033 Belmont, here in Victoria, British Columbia.   The Wednesday evening sessions are hosted by the Vic West Community Centre.  All are welcome, whether a beginner or an experienced meditator.  There is no charge (a donation box is put out) and no need to make a reservation.

There is more information about Middle Way Solutions at and at  Now, I must admit that  both of these sites are somewhat neglected.  The site in particular has not been corrected in some years and some of the information on there is out of date – primarily those passages which do not reflect the unfortunate fact that Queenswood is no longer available.  But the basic idea of this Middle Way Stratagems practice is still the same as it was when I put the site together. is still useful for background information and contact information for anyone who is interested.

The site is a vehicle for some people who have real practice questions.  This site also would benefit from some attention, but it also contains good examples of how meditation practice tends to interact with everyday life.  I monitor zendog daily and am always ready to respond to inquiries from a Middle Way point of view.